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 Guideline 1

To achieve & maintain a healthy weight, be physically active and choose amounts of nutritious food and drinks to meet your energy needs.

*children and adolescents should eat sufficient nutritious foods to grow and develop normally. They should be physically active every day and their growth should be checked regularly.

Guideline 2

Enjoy a wide range of nutritious foods from these five food groups every day: 

  • Plenty of veg of different types and colours, and legumes/beans
  • Fruit
  • Grain foods, mostly wholegrain and/or high cereal varieties, such as breads, cereals, rice, pasta, noodles, polenta, couscous, oats, quinoa and barley.
  • Dals, pulses, lean meats & poultry, fish, eggs tofu, nuts and seeds, & legumes/beans.
  • Milk, yoghurt, cheese and/or their alternatives, mostly reduced fat and drink plenty of water.

Guideline 3

Limit intake of foods containing saturated fats, added salt, added sugars and alcohol.

  1. Limit intake of foods high in sat fat such as many biscuits, cakes, pastries, pies, processed meats, commercial burgers, pizza, fried foods, potato chips, crisps and other savory snacks. 
  2. Limit intake of foods and drinks containing added salt.
  3. Limit intake of foods & drinks containing added sugars such as confectionary, sugar-sweetened soft drinks and cordials, fruit drinks, vitamin waters, energy and sport drinks. 
  4. If you choose to drink alcohol, limit intake. For women who are pregnant, planning a pregnancy or breastfeeding, not drinking alcohol is the safest option.

Guideline 4

Encourage, support and promote breastfeeding.

Guideline 5

Care for your food; prepare and store safely.



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