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Dr Marina Varghese graduated from K.M.C Manglore and she has undergone advanced training in Laparoscopy under Dr.Kurien Joseph in Chennai. She has also been trained in general abdomen, obstetrics and gynecological ultrasound and USG guided procedures under Dr. S. Suresh, Mediscan Systems Chennai. She has worked in Vijaya Hospital Chennai under pioneers in OBG, Dr. K. Bhasker Rao and Dr.Satya Bhama Reddy .Since 2001 She has been working in Welcare Hospital, Cochin as a consultant and Laparoscopic surgeon handling routine and complicated cases.

Education & Professional Experience

MD.OBG Kasturba Medical College Manglore Fellowship in General Abdomen, Obstetrics and Gynaecological Ultrasonography



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